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The Spanish Technology Platform is an initiative of Concrete ANDECE ( National Association of Prefabricated Cement and derivatives ) , ANEFHOP ( National Association of Manufacturers of concrete) , ANFAH (National Association of Manufacturers Concrete Additives ) FdA (Federation of Aggregates ) , ACE ( Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications ) , IPAC ( Institute for the Promotion of Certified Armor) and OFICEMEN ( Cement Manufacturers Association of Spain ) which aims to disseminate concrete technology , the characteristics of this material and the evolution of the same to meet the social demand and regulatory requirements and , in particular , develop R + D + i to do so.

The activities of the Spanish Technology Platform Concrete aim to highlight the concrete benefits that make it a material capable of satisfying the requirements contained in the Technical Building Code , both the rugged look ( safety and durability ) as those others on reducing energy demand of buildings with fire safety , sustainability and sound insulation.

It is also the object of the activity carried out by the Spanish Technology Platform Concrete highlight the evolution of the concrete according to the evolution of Instruction of Structural Concrete EHE that in the process of renovation , includes, in EHE – 08 new specifications in the field of sustainability ( environmental sensitivity index , index structure contribution to sustainability) , technology ( high-strength concrete , self-compacting concrete , concrete with recycled aggregates ) and durability ( life useful 100 years ) .

Consequently, the Spanish Technology Platform Concrete drives R & D + i , as well as advances in concrete technology to facilitate the construction with this material.

All this together , permanently , to highlight also the traditional qualities of moldability and expressivity , both in textures and colorful views of the surfaces , which gives the concrete works , project hand and construction , high aesthetic dignity .

Todo ello unido, de modo permanente, a poner de manifiesto también, las cualidades tradicionales de moldeabilidad y de expresividad, tanto en texturas como en coloridos de las superficies vistas, que confiere a las obras de hormigón, de la mano del proyecto y de la construcción, una elevada dignidad estética.